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Kulana is a San Francisco startup with senior management and local consultants provided by Telegraph Hill Program Initiatives, Inc., who have decades of experience delivering quality software for business applications.

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About Kulana

Accelerate Test Automation.

Who we are

Rapidly changing business software requires test automation because there is little or no time for manual testing, but even Agile teams have a hard time getting test automation started and sustained.

Kulana leverages open source tools like Selenium, TestNG, SoapUI, and Rest-Assured to jump-start test-driven development and automated testing.

Kulana is easy to download and install; easy to configure; easy to code business logic; easy to specify test data and expected results; easy to execute across a variety of browsers; easy to implement as part of your continuous integration tools; and makes it easy to communicate test results and diagnose any test failures.

Offering senior, local consultants with decades of experience in roles such as CTO, VPE, and Chief Engineer at companies of all sizes, and with our senior Java developers working on Kulana in the Bay Area and Europe, our team is committed to providing products and services that accelerate test automation and improve software quality while reducing software development costs and schedules.

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David B. Ward


Eric Lan

Managing Partner

Ryan Ward

Marketing Manager

Igor Urisman

Senior Architect

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Our services

Our senior Java engineers can assist your Kulana test automation project in a number of ways:

Installation, Configuration, and Integration.

We help install, configure, and integrate Kulana with your existing tools & resources. We also work with your team to ensure they have all the training and online resources they need to create tests and maintain their test environments.

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Framework Customization

Based on the unique needs of your team and your business, we’ll customize Kulana while maintaining compatibility with our open
source project.

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Test Creation Services

We work with your team to write tests for critical functions, in Java or scripting languages, and help refactor/rewrite legacy tests for use in the
Kulana framework.

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DevOps Implementation and More

Our expert engineers and consultants have decades of experience in Agile development tools and operations management when you
need assistance.

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Our Features

Kulana accelerates test automation in the following ways:

  • Testable Function Points Include Web UI, Soap Services, REST Services, Databases, Servers, & More
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  • Simplifies open-source tools by providing common defaults and simplifying the management of test data and expected results.
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  • Test Execution Reports: Email Notifications with Result Summaries, Logs, & Screen Captures for all your tools.
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  • Integration with Eclipse, JIRA, Maven, Jenkins, and other common tools.
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  • What our Financial Services / Healthcare Customers are Saying:

    Kulana saved us months of time and effort implementing our test automation program.

  • What our Financial Services / Healthcare Customers are Saying:

    Kulana automated our web site smoke test in less than two months.

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