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UrbanSitter uses members' existing networks to match families with babysitters. Babysitters post their credentials and availability. Parents search and book sitters online. Parents like to share their enthusiasm for sitters by writing reviews. The use of Facebook Connect and affiliation groups mimics community and trusted networks between families and sitters

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Design Process


UrbanSitter's calendar is a proprietary calendar that is at the core of the booking functionality of the product. Babysitters and nannies add availability to their calendar and parents book against it. Urbansitter users access the product not only from desktop computers but also mobile web and apps (iOS and Android).


Collaborated closely with Project Managers, Developers, VP of Product and Design Director. My role was Lead Product Designer where I contributed to the user research & interviews, sketching, prototyping, design and production.


From user research and interview with sitters and nannies we discovered that a large number of sitters and nannies (90%) at Urbansitter were iPhone users. The only way for them to add any availability to their calendar was via a non-responsive website that was built in Drupal. Accessing their calendar on iOS and/or mobile was one of the most requested functionality on the NPS.

Most of the sitter also used Google calendar to manage their bookings and therefore I decided to use similar patterns to create the iOS calendar. In addition, from a business objective it was imperative that sitters and nannies could easily add their availability to make sure that parents received enough interests to the job posts. In addition to user research and interviews, I talked to stakeholders and involved the project managers and developers to understand the long term and short term goals and restrictions of the project. From conversations I created a user journey map to understand how sitters interacted with the product.

Job to be done Outcome Interviews

  • Ability to see photos of families that booked them
  • Ability to see the address of families that booked them and have it link to Google calendar.
  • Phone number of families that booked them
  • Ability to add recurring availability with a single click
  • Ability to mark themselves as not accepting any new families
  • Ability to see booking requests and easily respond to them
  • Ability to get push notification to remind them of upcoming jobs or requests
  • Ability to synch their calendar with Google calendar


The three main personas we identified were:

  • On The Side Sitters
  • College Students
  • Career Nannies
Urbansitter Personas Urbansitter Personas Urbansitter Sitter Data

Rough Sketches

Urbansitter Calendar Sketches


Urbansitter Calendar Wireframe

Prototyping and User testing

For user testing we did a mix of users from (6) and current Urbansitter users who came onsite (6). For testing, I used Invision prototype.

Test participants attempted completion of the following tasks:

  • Find the calendar
  • Find additional details on booking and booking request
  • Add and Delete Availability
  • Add recurring availability
  • Allow parents to send booking only when they are available
  • Sync Calendar

Most of the participants (92%) agreed (i.e., agree or strongly agree) that the calendar was simple and easy to use. The majority of participants (85%) agreed they would use the calendar frequently to add availability and to view upcoming bookings.

Urbansitter Calendar Rating

Principle Video Prototype:


  • Increased NPS - Sitters - 34.43 to 85.71
  • Parents NPS - 27.7 to 69.9
  • Sitters updating their availability tripled and almost all done via the iOS Calendar
  • Amount of sitters interested in job post by families increased dramatically
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