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I am a online movie streaming fan and wanted to take a crack at re-designing the Youtube movies site page. My goal was to re-design the site the way I prefer to discover and view movies. Important user experience atttributes to me are quick access to simple filters and ability to sort through movies from one screen. I want 1 click access to all movies and hope that the site will remember my defaults and recognize and reward me as a frequent user.

Youtube concept

My assumptions about users:

  • There are users that know what they want and simply use the search functionality to find their movie.
  • Other users like to browse. These users may not have a movie in mind but are looking for recommendations. Easy access to genres, ratings, reviews and other curated lists are important.

Re-designed: Youtube Movies Home page:

  • Quick and easy access to filters that customize your browsing experience. The popular filters (just added, popular) are easily accessible. Rather then switching back and forth between categories, users can browse and sort all their movies on one screen.
  • For a regular user, quick acces to rent or buy movie from the home screen. 1 Click access to your movies.
  • Users looking for recommendation can check out the featured, charts and movie collection lists. All the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are presented clearly.
  • Designed using super responsive Twitter Bootstrap. Approached the layout mobile first which helped inform and focus the designs for desktops and tablets devices.

Re-designed: Youtube Movies Details Page:

  • With all those cool posters movie studios designers produce it's a shame that most site don't use them. The wallpaper art makes the movie detail page pop and fun to engage with.
  • Easy access to view trailer, buy or rent the movie above the fold.
  • Related content to entice users to view more movies. Movie details, reviews, and ratings are all available to users.

Re-designed: Movies Filters:

  • Dropdown aslo acts as a default setting for genres you like. Clicking the check box will set the filter as default while clicking on the category intself will filter the movies to the genre. Simply unchecking the check boxes reverts the view.
  • Sorting is accessbile from the home page. Once you select your genre you can filter them by popularity or other criterias.
  • If the user is looking for a specific movie, the search functionality is also available for quick browsing.
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